What to Look for in a Kitchen When Buying a New Home

What to Look for in a Kitchen When Buying a New Home

If you’re looking at buying a new home, you will want to make sure you spend time examining each room in the house – especially the kitchen. Think about it for a moment. Which room gets the most daily use? Which room gets the most “wear and tear”? The answer is always the kitchen.  Below are questions to ask yourself for making sure the kitchen in the home you’re looking to buy is up to par… for obrienrealty.com by Ryan Landis

1. Are the appliances working?

If you walk into a kitchen and see brand new appliances, you’re in luck. However, if you walk in and see that the appliances are old, you will want to spend some time inspecting them. Old appliances, while not always bad, can be costly to replace or have fixed. Spend some time looking at the refrigerator. Does the freezer have a lot of ice in it (on the walls or bottom)? This could be an indication that it needs maintenance or to be replaced.

2. Check under the sink. Is there mold or rot?

You’ll definitely want to make sure you inspect the kitchen for mold. Why? If left, it could cause a whole host of other problems. The number one place you’ll see mold is under the kitchen sink and the only reason it would be there is if there was a leak of some kind.

3. Do the countertops need to be replaced?

Replacing countertops is not always cheap (especially when it comes to granite or marble). Spend some time looking over the countertops in the kitchen, inspecting for any cracks. Even small cracks are not a good sign because they could slowly become bigger and bigger over time.

4. Are there cracks or shifts in the kitchen floor?

Just like kitchen countertops, kitchen floors can start to crack. Although, granite and marble are much less likely to crack, it’s still possible. Beyond looking for cracks, check to see if the floor is even. Sometimes in older homes, they tend to “settle”. This causes a slight shift in the overall foundation and can lead to uneven floors.

5. Do the kitchen cabinets need to be replaced?

Be sure not to overlook the cabinets when you’re checking out the kitchen. If they are scratched, worn, or stained, think about how you would need to replace or fix them. These costs could add up to more than you bargained for.

6. How is the plumbing and electric set-up in the kitchen?

Last, and certainly not least, you will want to check and make sure that the plumbing and electric is properly set-up. As I mentioned earlier, a leak in the kitchen could cause mold, which is a big problem. Be sure that you check under the sink with a flashlight. You may also want to have an electrician or plumber come with you to check out the home prior to making any final decisions.


If you’re visiting a lot of different homes, you’ll want to make sure you keep detailed notes about what you see in each kitchen. If you’re sure to ask yourself the above questions, you’ll surely find the best home and kitchen!